Musings on Love

A random computer search today unearthed something I wrote back in 2009.  I must have been reflecting on the nature of love at the time and it prompted some deep reflections as well as a spontaneous poem. See what you think:


Love is not an emotion. It is a cosmic force. You would not say that anger, or patience, or grief is a cosmic force. But love is. Love is life. Without love, we cannot live a full human existence. Love is contentment, peace and pleasure. Love is passion for what we do and what we are interested in. Love is in our connections and attachments to other people. Love is what propels us forward, or holds us back. Love is what gives us hope and faith. It is love that inspires kindness. Love is the distress that causes us to change and grow. Love is why we exist. No being can live without love – human soul, plant, or animal. If we lived our lives bringing love to those around us, what better way could we have lived?



I love me.

Yes… I love me.

I am unique, interesting, creative, expressive, emotional, strong, giving, nurturing, wonderful, amazing…

Yes. I love me.


I love you.

Yes, I do love you.

You are beautiful.

You are impressive, delightful, inspirational, moving, stunning.

Of course I love you.


I love them too.

I love them because they are different.

They are new, exciting, fascinating and beautiful too.

They look at life from a different angle, and because of them, I can too.

Yes, I love them.


But, the them I love, isn’t really them.

The them I love is actually us.

And I really love us.

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