About Jessie


I am an Interfaith Spiritual Companion. I believe strongly that spiritual education is the foundation of true human freedom and that it opens the doors to happiness and contentment.

My Life Experience:

I was raised in the Baha’i Faith and believe that it had the greatest impact on my spiritual education and training.  The high moral standards of the Baha’i Faith were very challenging to follow as a young person, but ultimately helped lay the foundation for my ability to experience myself, and the world, through my own eyes and not through the eyes of others. The Baha’i teachings of justice, the elimination of prejudice, unity in diversity, and humility helped to expand my understanding beyond the confines of narrow social norms, and the daily practices of meditation and prayer have helped to form a rich and sustaining spiritual life.

The Baha’i Faith also prepared me for my career as an Interfaith Spiritual Counselor as it teaches the unity of religion.  Throughout my life I have been exposed to a great deal of religious diversity and I love exploring the wealth of spiritual experience, understanding, and wisdom that can be found in the great spiritual traditions. From 2012-2014 I participated in the One Spirit Learning Alliance Interspiritual Counseling program, which also broadened my spiritual and religious experiences considerably.  In that course we learned from practitioners from all kinds of spiritual traditions, including African, Jewish, Muslim, Christian, Humanistic, and Shamanistic.  It was here that I learned what true respect is when it comes to accepting and supporting other people’s spiritual beliefs. In my work as an Interfaith Spiritual Counselor I strive to uphold that fundamental foundation of respect for differing spiritual beliefs and full acceptance of individual spiritual paths.

Disclaimer:  My opinions and thoughts as expressed on this site do not officially represent the views of any particular organization, program, or religion.  They are simply my personal musings, creative expressions, and insights.