Beautiful, Amazing, Wonderful You!


This is a book about healthy self-esteem.  It is meant to be read to the child by their parent or guardian. 



Oh, what a beautiful, amazing, wonderful you!


Eyes, ears, knees, and toes

Look at how your body grows!


Jump, dance, laugh, and play

You are special every day!


A mind that thinks up wonderful things,

You can do most anything!


A generous heart that loves and shares,

You are truly beyond compare!


You’re not afraid to try something new,

It’s so easy to believe in you!


Doing your best not to do wrong,

Oh my goodness, you are strong!


Helping a friend who’s fallen behind,

You make a difference when you’re kind!


Studying hard to pass a test,

You can be proud when you do your best.


There’s no one else like you, near or far,

Oh my, what a treasure you are!


With a beautiful smile that brightens each day,

You are precious in every way!


Oh, what a beautiful, amazing, wonderful you!


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