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 Visit my Shelfari page to see some of the books that I use in my work and in my personal spiritual practice!

My Favorite Topics/Authors/Resources

Nonviolent Communication:  About NVC –

Feelings and Needs Lists –,

Positive Discipline Resources for Parents:


Children’s Books with Spiritual Themes

Michelangela –  Baha’i Inspired Children’s Books


Resources for Dealing with Personal Difficulties

Half of Us – a website that provides resources for dealing with all kinds of pain, such as depression, body image, anxiety, loneliness, loss, discrimination, self-injury, and trauma.

Life Continued:Defeating Depression – A documentary produced by MTV that highlights the experiences of youth who have battled depression and self-harm, and have since found ways to get help and lead healthier, happier lives.


Positive Websites

A+ – A platform for viral storytelling to create positive change in the world.


Interesting Articles

An article about the consequences of physical punishment for kids.

The sad irony is that the more you physically punish your kids for their lack of self-control, the less they have. They learn how to be controlled by external forces (parents, teachers, bosses), but when the boss isn’t looking, then what?”

An article about positive discipline techniques for parenting children.

An article that makes a healthy diet simple and straight-forward.

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