Interfaith Spiritual Companioning spiritual companioning is a partnership. It is an open and compassionate space where individuals can find support while walking their spiritual path, and in reflecting on their inner, spiritual lives. As each individual’s spiritual path and beliefs are different, Spiritual Counseling is designed to honor and respect each person’s experience and support them in clarifying their spiritual beliefs and values, while at the same time deepening their experience through spiritual practice. As a spiritual companion I strive to assist individuals in developing a personal spiritual practice that is uplifting and sustainable, and that also deepens one’s connection to oneself and the world.

What is spiritual practice?

Spiritual practice is the way in which we embody our beliefs. It is the way that we connect to ourselves, to others, and to God. The tools that we utilize to develop our spiritual practice are prayer, meditation, reflection, study, and action. Everyone’s spiritual practice is highly individual and personal, reflecting their religion, their worldview, their culture, and their unique spirit. Developing your spiritual practice can be seen as an exploration, visiting new places and trying new things to discover what resonates with your spirit, clarifies your beliefs, brings you into greater unity with your values, and cultivates a feeling of communion with God.

What about the God question?

It is my belief that everyone’s understanding of God is unique – even if they share the same spiritual tradition – and that God has many names. Whether you call the Creator by the name of The Holy Father, Spirit, Source, The Unknowable Essence, The Great Mother, The Universe, The Lord, Allah, or don’t call God by a name at all, there is room for your experience. All experiences of faith or doubt, belief or uncertainty, are honored and respected.


My approach as a Spiritual Companion:

My goal is not to help you to discern between the “right way” or the “wrong way” to engage with your life, but rather to help you find your way, and to lend you support and encouragement as you make your pilgrimage to whole-heartedness, authenticity, and happiness. I know from experience that developing a spiritual practice is generally not something you take on because you want to feel holy, but rather because you’ve hit a very painful wall and you don’t know what else to do.  As a Spiritual Companion I am trained to meet people in those painful places, and help them find strategies in order to walk the path that is asking to be walked rather than disengaging from life.

Embracing our human reality – our beauty, our nobility, and our capacity for love – not despite our experiences and the hardships that we’ve faced but rather through them, is one of the most powerful processes I’ve ever experienced or witnessed. Regardless of where you are in your human journey, my goal is to provide you with the opportunity to ask questions, seek out new perspectives, deepen your sense of connection, and carve out the space to experience yourself in new and meaningful ways.

Areas in which I specialize or have specific experience:



Death and Dying



Embodiment and/or Body Issues

Children’s spirituality

Spiritual Parenting

Spirituality and Gender




My standards for ethical conduct:

While Spiritual Counseling is not a licensed profession, I consider myself bound to the same standards of ethical conduct as any Spiritual Director or mental health professional. I take confidentiality very seriously, and would only break confidentiality if it were a matter of legal responsibility (i.e. if I believed that someone were at risk of harming another or harming themselves). I also regularly seek supervision in order to maintain as safe an environment as possible for both my clients and myself.